Want to change your eating habits, stop procrastinating, wake up earlier, exercise regularly or start and keep any other new habit?

YOU CAN. And without feeling like you’re pushing a beachball underwater every day.


"Why can’t I do what I say I want to do?"

"I know exactly what I need to be doing, but I’m not doing it."

"I keep falling off the wagon."

"I tried but I always go back to my old habits."

"I promise myself I’m gonna do it, and then end up in the same old spot."

"What is wrong with me?"

"This is so hard!"

Said pretty much any one of us while trying to use a non-sustainable approach to adding new habits or changing old ones.

But I got you.

Change doesn't have to be painful.

When you join the 30-Day Habit Sprint, you’ll learn how to create change in your life in a way that works for you, your circumstances, and the season of life you’re in.

Whether you...

  • have all the time in the world and can go full speed, 
  • just had a baby and giving yourself a minute feels like a huge goal,
  • or you're anywhere in between,

the 30-Day Habit Sprint can help you find the time and the formula to build better habits. 

The approach

After working with dozens of clients and building habits for myself (writing, exercise, eating, and lots of others), I noticed something we all do: we have unrealistic expectations and a desire to do it perfectly based on someone else’s criteria.

Industries like fitness and weight loss, and people on Instagram who only share the good in their lives, made us believe that change should look a certain way.

Naturally, we then judge ourselves for not hitting the mark.

In the 30-Day Habit Sprint, you’ll find YOUR way to change, through understanding yourself, your habits and your circumstances and working with them instead of against them.

It’s an approach based on self-compassion, curiosity, and fun. Judgement is not invited

What you can use the Sprint for

...and what is a Sprint?!

Start any new habit, with any consistency - not everything can or should be done every day!

Change old habits that have become unconscious, like eating.

Habits for both life and business will work well with the Sprint.

The sprint is not a challenge. Sprint = a number of days significant enough to see results but short enough to get quick feedback on whether your actions are working or not.

Habits are important. #UnderstatementOfTheYear

Everything you have in your life is created by what you do repeatedly.

Your habits make your life.

Better habits, better life.

Tell me more...

I do it with you!

Every day you’ll receive an EXTRA behind-the-scenes video in which I tell you how my own habits are going, following the same process. You don’t have to watch them, but they’re there if you want more tips or to feel like you’re not alone in it.

A prize, you say!?

You can win a prize for completing the program - even if it takes you longer than 30 days! You’ll have all the info inside the program once you join. What’s the prize, you ask? It’s still being designed, but all I can say for now is that you’ll wear it with pride.

30 Daily Recorded Lessons

Because there is no live component, there's no need to be somewhere at a certain time. You go through the program in a way that works for you.

The length of the lessons varies from 2 to 12 minutes. Cause you know...we have lives...

One-time payment, lifetime access

You have access to the program for as long as it exists and will get any future updates. The content remains on the platform for you to use whenever needed.

You'll learn...


How habits are developed

so you can understand your own and how to change them.


Why it's hard to change through willpower alone

which is probably what you've been doing so far.


To formula to successfully implement a new habit

so you can achieve your goals and enjoy success long-term.


How to change habits that have become unconscious

examples: eating, social media


How to tackle the most common struggles

examples: procrastination, eating patterns


How to set goals and pick habits that are right for you

no matter what other people say.


What consistency actually means

and why it's ok if it looks different than what you expected.


How and what to track and measure

because what you measure, you change.

What other people say...

"I loved this course, it’s more than just about creating habits. It made me think about me and gave me the tools so I can plan, analyse and stick to my new habit whilst keeping the chatter of procrastination in my head under control. I will be adding more new habits to my life in the coming months."


"Positivity is certainly key to Andreea's message, but also understanding yourself and how you see yourself. This might seem a bit spiritual but her approach is so practical and well-organised it just makes perfect sense."



About your coach - Andreea Sandu

Andreea is a Certified Life and High Performance Coach, and has helped multiple 1 to 1 clients to change habits, and improve their lifestyles.

She'll meet you exactly where you're at, and help you understand and change unwanted behaviours, but also add better routines to your life.

Through the power of habits, she achieved some of the goals many of us have on our wishlists like marathon running, weight loss, or writing a book. She successfully uses the approach she teaches in the Sprint in both life and business.

andreea sandu